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Ideas sprout from dream-seeds. Such is the case with the birth of comuse. Neel and Dawn Bulchandani adore travel. They also relish opportunities to inspire travel in others. That, braided with their desire to work together more, brought about comuse. Now, they get to champion the dreams of others in tangible ways via advocating travel, adventure, discovery, wonder, whimsy, and the imminently hopeful reality that every person can be a positive change agent for their environment and the world.

Having said that, here’s more of who they are individually...


teaches at a university, speaks and trains groups regarding travel in the Middle East, and is the author of “Driving Through Walls: My Supernatural Journey of Hope.” She also has a tendency to get ecstatic about board games and absurd-experiences-turning-to-gold.

She has three Master’s degrees, one of which is fabulously in Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions. She speaks basic Arabic and lived in Israel and Palestine for three years. She’s also been to 30+ nations; and she aims to visit them all.


is a chiropractor by trade; and a poet and writer by passion. He is a first generation Indian-American with a love for the Middle East and for turning everyday communication into spontaneous songs. He’s also an avid journaller who loves to awaken early. He was born in Illinois; and once, while he was in India, a monkey spilled his glass of milk. In Madagascar, he was part of a chiropractic clinic for ten days. As a result, he can expertly hop like a sifaka lemur.

He also plays the ukulele, is enraptured by the solar system, and is addicted to positivity. He knew he was going to marry Dawn while he was reading the last chapter of her book. (Isn’t that beautiful!?!)

Dawn & Neel blissfully live in Redding, California.

So, WE are glad you are here. Not just on the comuse site, but on the planet. You are the only you the world will ever know. May your dreams take flight even today. May your hopes find new destinations, whether near or far. And may your heart feel the delight of what it truly is to comuse with people, places, and objects – and, in so doing, unveil truth and reality – with more power, fusion, and beauty than one person could alone.

Thank you for journeying with us.

Neel and Dawn Bulchandani



Photo Credit: Brett Faulknor