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Running the Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia

Today, we're on the last leg of our journey. We're in Lynden, Washington, staying with family here, and later today, we'll be traveling to Portland, where we'll stay a night with great friends. Saturday, we return to home-sweet-home Redding. 

We've been enjoying Anniversary Adventure 2015: Vancouver Island and we've had so many highlights. We'll be sharing those soon, but I am compelled to share on yesterday's adventure. As some of you know from our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, I have recently begun running. I started running in Idaho (on our trip last month to Montana), and I've loved it! I'll be talking in more detail about the wonderful evolution of my running journey in an upcoming post.

Back to yesterday: I ran Vancouver's Seawall!

It's a beautiful and scenic path that outlines the perimeter of Vancouver's waterfront, and it is an attraction for residents and tourists alike. The original Seawall was a 9-kilometer path built around Stanley Park, and at a later time, it was extended to cover approximately 22 kilometers. When I arose at 5am yesterday, my plan was to at least run the 9-km path. By the time I drove to the beginning of the Seawall, I had my sights set on the 22-km route. The thought of running the entire Seawall really excited me, so it was inevitable that would be my course. Here's a map of the Seawall:


If you look on the right-hand side of the image, I began just before the 0-km marker, then I ran up and around Stanley Park, down past English Bay, by a few parks, through Granville Island, and I finished at Kitsilano Beach. It's an epic run to say the least. It's also my biggest run. Before yesterday, my longest run was 8 miles; and I did that in our hometown of Redding, California. Yesterday's run was 14 miles, so that's quite a jump. It was quite fitting that we left Vancouver yesterday to make our way to stay with family here in Lynden, Washington, because Michelle and Collie Sr. Coburn (the mother-in-law and father-in-law of Dawn's sister Dana) have completed many races, including half-marathons and marathons. They quickly pointed out that I actually ran a half marathon. I will admit, I do love the fact that I ran the distance of a half marathon, and I do plan to run one (and a full marathon) sometime in the near future; but the pleasure I got from taking in the beauty of Vancouver as I traversed the Seawall ranks higher in my heart and mind at the moment. Getting to see the city and the waterfront from that perspective truly gives me joy; and it reaches a different part of the traveler-heart in me -- the explorer. I love exploring new places in different ways, and I eagerly anticipate many running journeys in cities to come. 

Here's a view of the Seawall:


For any walkers, runners, dog-walkers, cyclists, and roller-blading enthusiasts, I highly recommend traveling on the Seawall. Whether you take a leisurely stroll or embrace the running route I took on, it'll inspire you. Stay tuned for more on Anniversary Adventure 2015: Vancouver Island. 

Keep musing and comuse-ing on!


August 07, 2015 by Neel Bulchandani
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