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Upcoming Comuse Trip: Anniversary Adventure 2015: Vancouver Island

Each year, we endeavor to travel for our wedding anniversary -- the auspicious and august August 3rd. As many of you know, we love working together, we love traveling together, and at a more fundamental level, we simply love being together. And since we love being together, traveling together on our anniversary is our favorite way to celebrate our love and connectedness.

A review of our prior anniversary trips:
In 2014, we traveled to Morocco. On the way there, we had an overnight in Madrid, Spain; and since we flew on the 3rd, we actually got to spend our anniversary in both Madrid, Spain and Marrakesh, Morocco. 
Us in Madrid escaping the airport for a few hours on a layover: 
         And us having fun at the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh: 
In 2013, we traveled to Israel and Palestine. Technically, this wasn't an anniversary trip. It was actually our honeymoon! Still, since this was our inaugural wedding-inspired trip, I'm including it here and I imagine I'll always think of it when I reflect on our anniversary trips.
         On the Sea of Galilee: 
So, in honor of this annual custom, I've come up with a title for our anniversary trips: Anniversary Adventures. This year, we'll be in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia on August 3rd, so we're calling the trip Anniversary Adventure 2015: Vancouver Island. If you know us, you're smiling because you know we love words and coming up with titles for events and activities. For those who are just getting to know us and would like to know more, take a few moments and read our story
So, there it is! We're going to British Columbia, and we are driving. We do really love flying, but we also love the along-the-way treasures road trips provide. We treasure the gorgeous views as we drive along highways and bridges; the catalytic conversations we have as we muse on past, present, and future aspirations; and the satisfaction of experiencing and interacting with cities and people on the journey to our destination.

We love cities, and in these cities live people we love dearly. It's a win-win situation for us! We truly enjoy seeing beloved friends and family members when we have the chance, and this trip provides us with the opportunity to see and spend quality time with 3 families in 3 cities! It's a treat for us, because in addition to the gracious hospitality we'll receive, we'll have precious time with them -- time I like to refer to as in-between moments. You know, it's the early-morning conversation around the fridge or breakfast table, and the evening chats when everyone's tired yet wanting to savor the together time. It's the kind of golden dialogue that's often unearthed in the midst of everyday activities in the comfort of home. 

Before I share on the beloved people with whom we'll have those moments, here's a visual for our journey (I love Google maps!):

Our along-the-way plans: 

On the way to British Columbia, we’ll spend 2 nights in Edmonds, Washington. I have two colleagues from my alma mater (Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa). They're Matt and Denise, and we last saw them when they (and their young daughter) came to our wedding in McCloud, California in 2013. They are graciously hosting us, and we are already savoring the in-between moments we'll have with them. Dawn and I will also be able to finally explore Seattle together -- something we've talked about often. 

On the way back, we’ll stay a night with extended family in Lynden, Washington. Dawn's sister's (Dana) husband's (Collie Jr.) parents (Michelle and Collie Sr.) live there, and this will be our first time visiting them at their home. We've relished seeing them at family gatherings in Fresno and Santa Maria, so it will be especially grand to be able to spend time with them in their home.                                                           And before we return home to Redding, we’ll stop off in beloved Portland and stay a night with our dear friends Amy and Nijay who graciously hosted us on our first joint-explorative adventure in Portland. They're also Dawn's colleagues from her alma mater (Gordon-Conwell, Massachusetts). We eagerly anticipate catching up with them and seeing their whimsical and witty children. Portland's quickly become one of our favorite cities to visit, so we'll be joyfully savoring our time there. 

Note: I’m really excited to do some early-morning running in the cities we stay in along the way. I began running in Idaho 3 weeks ago on our last trip, and I've been going strong since! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about my recent affinity for running and how I am finally winning in a life-long chess match with asthma!

Our in-B.C. plans:

Once we head north from Seattle, we’re only a few hours from Vancouver, and we are anticipating great explorations there. We’re especially looking forward to getting to know this city and its unique personality. After a few days there, we’ll park our car and take a ferry across to Vancouver Island. Though the 7 different regions of this island beckon, we’ll mainly focus our time in Victoria. I’ve never been, but Dawn has; and every time she reminisces about this place, I get drawn into a timeless dreamworld of cityscape smiles and shoreline laughs. Now, it’s finally time for us to dive in together, comuse style!

After we return, we'll be sharing some highlight moments from the journey and our time in British Columbia, so stay tuned. 


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Comuse away! 

July 17, 2015 by Neel Bulchandani
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esther of local adventurer

esther of local adventurer said:

oh our anniversaries are really close! ours is on the 6th! we’re usually always traveling on our anniversary too.. but strangely, not to celebrate it.. but to do trips with friends. it just always happens to fall on that date.. we just try to manage a date night somewhere on the trip. love celebrating anniversaries in diff countries though. it makes it so much more memorable.


comusetravels said:

Hi Esther! Thanks for sharing your sentiments. And happy soon-to-be anniversary! We are only 3 days apart. Did you also marry in 2013? I’d agree wholeheartedly about the way traveling makes memorable moments even more vivid. We’d love to hear where you’ve been on your anniversary trips! It sounds like you have a good balance of enjoying the company of friends while also setting aside a date night so you two can connect.

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