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comuse health tip: Be Present


Not yesterday

Not tomorrow.

Today. The Present. Right Now.

For many, being present and focusing on the moment is a challenge. In fact, it can be a rare skill in a tech-savvy culture in which we have smart phones, apps, and social media notifications drawing our attention with rings, flashing lights, and shaking (if your setting's on vibrate). 

So, in direct contrast to that picture I've painted, here's a snapshot of someone who is truly living in the moment: 

This joyful young boy is completely and wholly transfixed on the moment. He's styling in his One Plane Shirt (from the comuse store) as well. It's our nephew, Titus, and he's on the way to Costa Rica! And as the text says, it's his very first flight! No wonder he's so excited! We love him, and we are extremely gladdened by the adventurous nature of Titus. 


Here's another snapshot:

This steadfast climber is focused intently on making his way up the stairs outside the patio we share with our great friends. And this is Jonah, their son -- also our godson! He's wholeheartedly captivated by each step in front of him; and to his mom's amazement, he needed no help to climb those stairs. Well done, Jonah! We love how full of awe and wonder he is, and we learn tremendous lessons from him on resoluteness and ingenuity. 


My recommendation: be like a child. Smile, and look at world around you. Be fully engaged with your surroundings. 

There's no other today except for the one you're living, so embrace it and squeeze everything you can out of it. If these two can do it, we are absolutely sure you can too. 

Not only will that increase the joy you derive from your day; it'll also give you a sense of increased time. What you focus on magnifies. For all you travelers, let's magnify this day, and let's celebrate each moment as a kid would -- like these kids in particular. 

January 16, 2015 by Neel Bulchandani
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dana coburn

dana coburn said:

This is fantastic. Being present and in the moment have been so impressed upon me lately…reasons we turned off technology for nearly 11 days. I deleted both my Facebook app and instagram app recently and it has been so refreshing. Watching Titus’ adventurous spirit bursting with joy, awe, wonder, and delight at every new thing this trip as he would say, “Woooow!” was a blessing. The amount I took in and was able to be present without the distractions of technology was so much greater than than usual. Yes to the awakening of child-like wonder!

Neel Bulchandani

Neel Bulchandani said:

Thank you for commenting, Dana.
Being present: what a great gift to a child! You and Collie exemplify this idea and practice so well in being present and championing the adventures of Titus. At home and abroad, we know many will be inspired to follow your lead. Thank you for demonstrating such awareness of the preciousness of moments — and for encouraging Titus to travel with such joy and delight!

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