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Welcome to our travel blog!

Temple Mount

My husband proposed to me wearing an “I  ♥ Baghdad” shirt, which I designed. It was a representation of our love for travel, our love for loving nations, and our love for loving each other in and through those things.

My engagement-turned-wedding-ring is a black diamond. It speaks of our passion for seeking out mysteries.

My husband is a chiropractor. I teach at a university, speak about the Middle East, and write. We are seekers, journeyers, and co-muses.

What is a “co-muse?” 

comuse def

“Co-muse” is a word that drifted into my husband’s mind during our second conversation – which was five hours in length and took place next to a mail box and swimming pool. God gave him that word. It represents how we will “muse” together for all of our lives. Since we are doing it in tandem, it’s “co-muse.”

We thoroughly enjoy co-musing. This fusion of co-musion is a union, communion, and revolution. From this place of joy and discovery, we travel. We travel for many reasons: recreation, convergence with friends and family, encouraging people, parenting nations, and, of course, to illuminate love in all those places.

So, here we are: travel-blogging. We want to share snippets of our expeditions with people, to draw them into the story, and to awaken their souls. We also want to be a bridge between places and nations. We want to float the breath of our discoveries across oceans and into households that have not walked where our feet just were, nor talked with the witty shopkeeper, or stared in wide-eyed effulgence at a sunrise across the desert. We want to bring travel home.

We’d be overjoyed if, in all of that, businesses, individuals, and cities were more known and more celebrated globally. We’d love to discover a quirky restaurant and unveil it to future travelers. We’d love to invite storytelling to come to life, in a way that grabs the reader’s hand and escorts her to a place of imagining beyond her previous experiences. Then, she goes. She sees. She is transformed.


We don’t know what all this space will carry. However, we do know we are going to Morocco on August 1 and we’ll share some of those tidbits along the sweetly-hued way.

We also know we will be in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. We will drop a story or two from there as well.

It’d be beautiful for others to join in the dialogue and discovery along the way too. So, if you have thoughts on a post, please comment. If you’ve been to a place and you know some of its secrets, please share.

We look forward to musing together.

If you have a restaurant, business, etc that you’d like us to visit and review,  please fill out the contact form below. We delight to partner with others to see their dreams realized too.



Let's co-discover!
Let’s co-discover!




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June 04, 2014 by Comuse Travels
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