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Like the insides of a piano, but more teal: Aqua and Gold Fan Necklace – REVIEW


This is the necklace which most reminds me of the action rails inside a piano.
Diagram to demonstrate the action rails

Truly, I am inclined to put my fingertips to its golden edges and play a melody. It is so lovely and yet, strong.

And, boy, can World Market play a tune! Seriously, World Market is amazing. Even the name causes my heartbeat to increase its tempo. That store is a veritable wonderland of possibilities and happy design!

One of the great things about this necklace is its versatility. It’s edgy for casual things yet, refined for more elegant things. For example, I wore it to an event for a local women’s organization, where it received smiley compliments with poise.

As another example, I wore it one sweet Sunday which involved a traipse across our city’s world famous Sundial Bridge. Fittingly, the bridge has a harp-like structure, which is the Big Bird version of my necklace in some sense (if my necklace was a small canary). It’s so tweet, I mean sweet. And it’s yet another melody of creative success for good ol’ World Market.

My necklace enjoying the Sundial Bridge
My necklace enjoying the Sundial Bridge

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July 07, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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