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Blue Druzy Agate Necklace: Product Review (and $5 off)

Necklace hugs antique Moroccan clock
Necklace hugs antique Moroccan clock

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry on someone and you instantly felt transported to a locale in your dreams?

That happens to me often. This is part of the reason jewelry gets many mentions on this blog. In fact, sometimes one piece of jewelry is like a free ticket to new, exotic dreams.

THIS blue druzy agate necklace has that effect.

Necklace illuminated in the Marrakshi light
Necklace illuminated in the Marrakshi light

The necklace is made by the amazing Meredith Boley who has an Etsy shop here. A similar necklace is currently available in purple. This necklace came with us on our recent trip to Morocco and it got much engaged praise and intrigued questions. There is a gorgeous mystique to it. It’s raw and it’s refined.

So, if you’re looking for a necklace that transports, snatch up one of Meredith’s. You can get 25% off your order using the code, “Comuse.” Plus, here is a link for $5 off your first Etsy purchase.

Sling some gold around your neck and travel on.

Necklace takes in the local scenery in Morocco

** Necklace provided by Meredith Boley of Wear Jewelry Designs

Want to see more jewelry that transports? Check out our Pinterest board!

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September 06, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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