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Dar Ayniwen: Hotel Review ✸✸✸✸✸ (5 STARS)


Dawn on the grounds of Dar Ayniwen
Dawn on the grounds of Dar Ayniwen :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

“I could stay here for a month and write a book,” I said to my wonderful husband, his eyes gleaming knowingly.

Dar Ayniwen :: Photo Credit : Dar Ayniwen
Dar Ayniwen :: Photo Credit : Dar Ayniwen

This was much of my deep-exhaled brewing and gazing as we stayed at the glorious Dar Ayniwen in Marrakech, Morocco. The place drew out dreaming, pondering, and presence-awareness. It was stunning.

A look from one of the gazebos :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

The hotel is located in the Palmerie neighborhood, which is an oasis speckled in laughing, tall palm trees, outside of the old city of Marrakech. It is restful and an excellent choice, particularly if tucking away from the hubbub is a main desire. The grounds are massive, grand, and beautiful. There are gazebos shrouded in trees; an aviary of dozens of talkative, colorful birds; a koi pond; an outdoor barbecue; and plenty of private wandering paths for thinking.

Pingpong Table :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

There’s even a stalwart, old-fashioned and princely guard ever-ready to offer a listening ear or a shared discovery.

A friendly wooden man
A friendly wooden man on the grounds :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

The inside is immaculate as well. The owner gathered museum-quality antiques, collectibles, and traditional Moroccan furniture to dress the home in. From the shooting white rain chandelier to the array of classic tourist posters for Morocco and beyond, it feels like a traveler’s nest.

Entryway Chandelier :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels
Dining Room :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels
The Stairway to Our Room :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

Indeed, our room was well-nested (leaving us well-rested). It’s called the “Galaxie Suite” – a fitting descriptor, given me and my husband’s affinity for outer space and exploration. It rents for $494 USD at the time of publication. This includes free airport and city transfer service! Again and again, I squealed to my husband as I observed architectural tidbits which sprang my heart to joy. I am an avid fan and visual-consumer of Moroccan architecture.  This place celebrates that.

ayniwen basket
Handy Basket Welcome to Our Room :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels
Window into the Garden of Peace :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels
Our Royal Bathroom :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

Amazingly, we were able to have our dinner on one of our balconies, overlooking the pool area; and our breakfast the next morning poolside. In the proverbial Moroccan dictionary of “idyllic,” Dar Ayniwen is a ready example.

Dar Ayniwen
Breakfast on the Lawn Poolside :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels

The property felt like home; and it felt like a summer palace. If you are looking for lodging in Morocco, I highly recommend this place. And if you do stay there, drop us a note in the comments below and let us know if you wrote some pages of your next book on its balcony.


Bidding Farewell to the Awesome Manager of Dar Ayniwen and Dreaming of Our Return :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels


“Among the Trees” Poem for Dar Ayniwen :: Photo Credit: Co-muse Travels


** Complimentary lodging provided by Dar Ayniwen


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September 12, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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