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Rainbow Quartz Earrings from Guatemala

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Photo Credit::

In 1995, I was in an operating room in Guatamala City observing over a dozen surgeries.  It was amazing. In the environs of this pulsating clinic of life and hope (services were generally provided to those who could not afford them), there were people dreaming again. Some after recovering from loss, and others through the healing that happened via life-saving surgery. It was a beautiful place.

That was a time when I saw more of Guatemala. Not merely her wondrous mountains, lakes, or other tourist sites, but her heartbeat, her dream-beat, and her soul.

I grew to honor Guatemala in my heart, to respect her heritage, strengths, and dreams. I wanted to be her advocate.

Sometimes advocacy is extreme: standing bedside as someone transitions into and of anesthesia. Other times, it is as basic as buying a pair of earrings that supports a nation and a specific group of people within that nation. Altiplano Handmade facilitates that type of advocacy. Altiplano is a fair trade company that is Green America certified.

And you can be part of their vision. They sell a range of items: jewelry, bags, scarves, belts, hats, glasses, and even these charming nativity sets.

Photo Credit:: Altiplano
Photo Credit:: Altiplano

Personally, I have a pair of quartz crystal earrings. I choose the rainbow quartz; and I adore them. (Price: $16). They are enchanting; and they feel like they have shot out of Guatemalan ground, proclaiming the beauty and destiny of that nation. They are a message of promises-in-motion, rainbows leading the way to light.


So, if you want to give a high-five to Guatemala and get some beautiful jewelry etc along the way, check out Altiplano. Such unique, one-of-kind pieces would be great gifts too. (Plus, Altiplano offers gift certificates!) You can also follow them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you get something from Altiplano, share your find with us in the comments below. We love celebrating nations via their creations.

Photo Credit::
Photo Credit::

** Earrings Provided by Altiplano Handmade

Want to see more jewelry that transports? Check out our Pinterest board!

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September 19, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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