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This is My Peruvian Gourd Necklace.

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Since I first knew of Ten Thousand Villages, I adored it. Initially, my adoration was from afar. Then, I moved to a city a short drive north of Boston, Massachusetts. Lo and behold, there was a Ten Thousand Villages store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which was ever-ready to fulfill my pining for glimpses of far off lands, especially when I made my weekly treks to attend a class at Harvard Divinity School.

I didn’t know then that about ten years later, a Peruvian gourd would come into my life by way of this necklace ($175) ; and it would snuggle into my suitcase for a journey to Morocco. The necklace embellishes my life with creativity. I delight at the usage of something unsuspecting and common becoming something beautiful and permanent. Plus, it’s the fruit of an awesome family’s ingenuity.

Moreover, I delight to be an advocate for a company like Ten Thousand Villages. They stalwartly support artisans around the world who would otherwise have little to no means to sell their handicrafts. Remember, when you support a business, you support a nation. The business was founded more than sixty years ago by Edna Ruth Byler. Today it sells a plethora of loveliness: jewelry, decor, furniture, games, toys, candles, and stationary etc.

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So, if you are eager to grab ahold of some whimsy for you or a friend, check out Ten Thousand Villages. In fact, find a store near you and go to many far off lands all at once. There are gift cards available as well. Maybe you too will find yourself bedecked in a gourd and feeling GOURD-eous, while riding along in a car in Morocco.


** Necklace provided by Ten Thousand Villages

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September 19, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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