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The Verry Kerry Marrakech Shirt

By Neel Bulchandani

Photo Credit ::
Jma el Fnaa Square, Marrakech, Morocco: Photo Credit ::

There I am, standing in the busiest square in Africa, Jma el Fnaa, in Marrakech, Morocco. I beam proudly as I wear the rich, robustly-colored shirt that was, in fact, designed with a pattern evoking the verry merry city of Marrakech.

I love this square. I love this shirt. And I love how this shirt is magnificently suitable for many occasions. From elegant dining wear (I wore this shirt to the rehearsal dinner of our friends’ royal wedding) to bustling city threads, the Verry Kerry Marrakech Shirt (59 GBP / 97 USD) transported me confidently and enjoyably to and from our then-Marrakech-home door. Wherever you go, allow these fine threads to transport you  with delight; and as  you smile with satisfaction, know that you’ll be beaming and broadcasting the verry merry city of Marrakech into any apparel-appreciating eyes that see you.

I encourage you to travel to the Verry Kerry website and take a look at the rest of their collection — their textiles evoke vibes from a variety of beautiful places around the globe.

Verry Kerry has men’s clotheswomen’s clothes, and accessories.



Photo Credit ::
After the Rehearsal Dinner: Photo Credit ::



Arriving “Home” :: Photo Credit:



** Shirt provided by Verry Kerry


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September 25, 2014 by Neel Bulchandani
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