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4 Things to do in Bend, Oregon



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“You Bend me right round, baby, right round.”

“Oh, darling, you bend me!” 

“And I’m down on Bended knee…” 

Those are merely a sampling of the puns our recent trip to Bend, Oregon spurred. It was a great city to bend time in… I mean SPEND time in. ;) We went to Bend for our friends’ wedding. We’d never bend before. (heehee)

We really adored the city!

Here are four things we recomBEND. I mean recommend.

1. Eat at CHOW. Oh wow. This place is truly wonderful. The ambiance is communal, peaceful, and creative. The food is scrumptious, healthy, and beautiful. We had brunch as follows:

Husband enjoyed: The Caesar – Two Eggs, Corn Cake, Avocado, Roasted Green Chili Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce, Queso Fresco ($12)

I enjoyed : The Sampson – Poached Eggs,Crab Cakes, Sauce Choron ($14)

Plus, I had minty, raspberry-lime kombucha that was incredible!


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2. Traipse downtown. It was lovely to discover lil’ businesses with creative wares here and there and everywhere. We were particularly struck by Tres Jolie (933 Wall Street) which is a blend of four stores sharing the same space. I got some Moroccan quatrefoil earrings in the Clutch handbag boutique (owned by Larie Borden) within.

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3. Peruse the Old Mill District. There is a a slough of hip spots: clothing, food, accessories, jewelry, a movie theatre, ice cream, aaaaand an absolutely wonderful SPICE SHOP! I was also smitten with Nashelle‘s handmade jewelry. It’s all snuggled up next to the river and therefore, a ready walking path.

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4. Encounter the outdoors.

Aside from our walk along the river, we didn’t explore the outdoors much. We were only in town for about 30 hours. However, we initially considered stand-up paddle board rental, kayak rental, bike rental, or a hike. In addition to that, winter brings ample skiing opportunities etc. We intend to go back one day and dive in to such glory!

All in all, we were quite struck by the enchanting strong calm of Bend, and it enticing creativity, love for life, and gorgeous scenery.

So, if you haven’t Bend, give it a go! Let us know what others puns you come up with too!




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October 07, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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