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Feathers for Flying Earrings by Indira Boheme

Earrings just hangin’ on a chandelier in Marrakesh:: Photo Credit:


Earrings. There really can be “something about them.”

They can mesmerize you. They can express a subtle sentiment of the heart. They can enliven an attitude. They can increase wonder.

Earrings can inspire travel. OooooO! I love earrings that inspire travel! They don’t need to be shaped like a globe to do so. They can artistically carry a sense of mystique, enchantment, and widened possibility.

This is how I felt when I first saw Indira Boheme‘s Onyx and Gold Vermeil Feather Hoop Earrings.

They are marvelous! They are refined, but adventurous! They are the sort of earrings one brings to Morocco. So, we did.

Here they are enjoying the calm of a rose-petal-adorned fountain in a courtyard in Marrakesh. (Somehow, I think they connected with the rose petals since they themselves are part feather.)

Earrings relaxing in Marrakesh: Photo Credit:


And here they are reminiscing about all the people they met and places they saw while in the airplane departing Marrakesh.


They had a fabulous time. People really liked them too. They got a lot of little love-pinches and oooohs and ahhhhhs. They were great travel companions. I enthusiastically recommend them!

Also, they are made of high quality materials: 23k gold vermeil hoops, 23k gold vermeil feather, onyx gemstones, and 14k gold fill ear wire. Plus, if you prefer a variation on this style or vibe, Indira Boheme has a splendid range of styles to select from. (These earrings sell for $58.) So, whether you are itching for some new glamour bits or looking for a stunning gift for a friend, wife, or mom etc, check out Indira Boheme! You will feel transported. Maybe you’ll dream of Morocco or another destination after you wear them. Maybe you’ll get inspired to make that dream trip happen! 



** Earrings provided by Indira Boheme


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Happy transporting!



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October 14, 2014 by Dawn Bulchandani
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