Night in Tunisia Earrings!

In our love for the Middle East and North Africa, we came across some lovely Night in Tunisia Earrings by Angela Biagi of EarringsandJoy on Etsy. She is based in Massa, Italy. We wanted to share our discovery with the world and introduce a broader audience to her creations. So, we received a pair and went to Hollywood! haha. 

The earrings are, indeed, enchanting. The little apertures in them draw one into the imaginings of gazing out traditionally-shaped Tunisian windows. While we have not yet been to Tunisia, having spent a month in Morocco, we are very familiar with the shapes of North Africa. These earrings transport.

 Photo:  Angela Biagi

Photo: Angela Biagi


The main downside of these earrings is their weight, however. I was hoping they'd be lighter than they are. So, they are great for a few hours, but personally, I wouldn't wear them beyond that. Granted, if the same design was implemented with lighter materials, that'd be wonderful! 

If you find these earrings enthralling and you'd like to see more jewelry with unique glass beads and romantic nuances, see Angela's shop


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