An Opportunity for You to Live in an African Safari Park

You could live here...


*Your Home on a game farm

* 12 hours from London

* Near Durban in sub tropical South Africa

* Game viewing from your deck

*Mahathunzi, adjoining Karkloof Safari Spa

The words: “I had a farm in Africa,” spoken by Karen Blixen in the film, ‘Out of Africa’, resonated with so many people that the continent received a significant tourism boost.

With the creation of the luxury development Mahathunzi on the edge of five-star Karkloof Safari Spa in the lush landscape of Natal, that dream can be yours.

Living in one of these luxury homes on 60 to 80 acres of your own, you will see giraffe, rhino, buffalo, many other game animals and hundreds of bird species.

Here is Africa at its best, the silence only broken by birdsong, the rustle of grass and the continent’s intoxicating scents. This remarkable place is the brainchild of Fred Wörner who created the pristine, award winning Karkloof Safari Spa, which has won plaudits from environmentalists for its game-breeding programme, its accommodation, hospitality and spa.

The place is well named: taking a cue from the Zulu word is’ithunzi – which means presence, aura, confidence, spirit, wellbeing and shade - as well as the ancient Sankskrit word maha, meaning powerful connection with nature.

For those who have already fallen under the spell of Africa, and for those intrigued by it, there is a unique opportunity to realize the dream of a home in Africa now. Mahathunzi forms part of a pristine game farm, the 7,400 acre five-star Karkloof Safari Spa where Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, White Rhino and other big game species thrive in a predator-free area that remains in many ways untouched.

The lucky few who will call this remarkable place home will own a slice of paradise. There are no fewer than 283 bird species, 43 resident mammal species, and countless butterflies. On the hillcrests there is indigenous mistbelt forest and its unique floral kingdom. The night skies sparkle with stars as there is no light pollution. The climate is temperate year round, ranging from around 20 C in winter to 30 C in summer, with a light breeze always at hand.

Some 49 exquisite low-slung homes, designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape are being developed here on freehold plots ranging from 50 to 80 acres, virtually a small farm. Each plot will come to the market at £220,000. There is planning approval to build homes of around 800sq m with three-metre wide open-sided overhangs trebling that space, plus garaging and staff accommodation. Currently homes being planned range in cost from £500,000 to £2.5m depending on materials and finishes. So at the most modest level around £750,000, for land and house, the price of a modest home in London, you can have a place in paradise. Bolted onto this is a concierge, staffing, travel and entertainment service, all on tap.

The homes on Mahathunzi will be discreetly nestled into the landscape making them almost invisible to passing eyes, but offering unsurpassed views and the chance to watch game from your own deck. And a 24-hour security service in this gated community ensures privacy. Each home is different from every other and will offer a truly exceptional way of living – a retreat from the frenetic pace of the man-made world and a portal to the vitality of nature.

Access from Europe could not be easier. A 10-hour overnight-flight from Heathrow brings you into Johannesburg at dawn, then it’s a 45-minute hop to Pietermaritzburg, and as there is just a one-hour time difference, there is no jetlag. Then it’s a short drive into the country and you will be on your deck for lunch and a spot of game viewing, with the sounds and smells of Africa reminding you that you are now a world away from London and its stresses. Here ‘normal’ time stops.

Despite its remote feel, it is just 20 minutes from downtown Pietermaritzburg, a charming university town in KwaZulu Natal, and close to the seaport and holiday resort of Durban. Mahathunzi and Karkloof offer the best of both worlds, a safari reality with easy access to city sophistication and superfast broadband that provides links to the wider world. But what will draw buyers to this haven is its access to two of the worlds greatest luxuries: unspoiled landscape and a healthy wildlife population, this is what makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Why buy at Mahathunzi?” The answer does not only lie all around you but in the context of this special place, for it offers a nexus of wonder. This after all is the home of early man; our earliest ancestors lived here and walked these plains, lived among this family of game animals. It is a wonder that they ever left for Europe. Now it’s time to come home. Here truly you can walk with the animals and talk with the animals in ways that Dr Doolittle could never conceive. And this magic lies at the heart of three distinct kingdoms of wonder, all just an hour away by plane. To the south are the incomparable mountain-ringed vineyards of the Cape; to the west the deserts of Namibia with their dune climbing elephants; and to the east lies some of the greatest deep sea fishing in the world off the coast of Natal and out into the Indian Ocean off the islands of Mauritius and the Seychelles. If you brings guests to this place, they will never want to leave.

This remarkable place is the brainchild of Fred Wörner who created the pristine, award-winning Karkloof Safari Spa, which has won plaudits from environmentalists for its game-breeding programme, its accommodation, hospitality and spa. Exclusive Karkloof attracts well-informed tourists who have heard of its special charms. Travellers and travel writers have said: ‘timeless, ‘heaven’, ‘paradise’, ‘an absolute gem’,  ‘experience of a lifetime’, ‘enchanting’, words cannot describe its beauty’, ‘perfect peace’ and ‘the best in the world’. If anything they are understating the reality.

Fred Wörner, says of Mahathunzi: “My vision was to create an opportunity to live amongst wildlife, while leaving a minimal footprint on the landscape, a place where time stops, an experience I and my guests have enjoyed and which has massively added to the quality of our lives. Interest in the development is coming from buyers who love Africa and love the idea of living cheek by jowl with wildlife in a green and sustainable way where wildlife will always have priority.”

Contained within 2,400 acres of authentic African terrain, ranging from open grassland plains, plateaus, dolerite cliffs, forested valleys and water pools, Mahathunzi supports well-established populations of Wildebeest, Giraffe, Reedbuck, Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Blesbok, Zebra, Warthog, Jackal, Caracal, Bushpig, abundant bird life and many other indigenous species. The Umgeni and the Karkloof rivers converge on the property adding the charm of water to an already verdant landscape. It is a landscape that early man would recognise as home.

Yet just minutes away is one of Southern Africa’s best private schools, Hilton College. The Albert Falls Dam sits 2kms away on the Umgeni River, and situated less than 20 minutes from Pietermaritzburg where some of the best schools in the country are found as well as excellent medical care and a modern airport offering seven flights a day to Johannesburg. Mahathunzi will appeal to those whose values connect to the African landscape yet still want the choice of city rhythms.

Residents will be able to use 46km of all-weather shale roads within the property for game viewing and also have the freedom to enjoy mountain biking, walking, fishing and even trail running. 

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