Sonoma Canopy Tours: Zip-lining Eco Tour: REVIEW

Since we've been together, I've taken Dawn flying (in some shape or form) each year for her birthday. We love co-adventuring, so we'll both often end up in the air. I love flying, so it's a blast for me as well.


Why flying? Yes, it's an adrenaline burst for the body, and it's exhilarating for the soul; but it's more a proclamation of how I see Dawn. She's brilliant, beautiful, full of wonder and whimsy, and she's destined to soar -- figuratively and literally. One year, she flew a plane. Another year, we went hang-gliding. This year, in October, we zip-lined! Here's a brief introduction to our experience:        

Those trees you are seeing are Redwood trees. Yes, we zip-lined through the renowned Northern California Coastal Redwoods! We took the Sonoma Canopy Eco Tour at the Alliance Redwoods grounds in Occidental, California. Alliance Redwoods began this tour as an environmental education experience. They desire to be "A place of renewal where the guests meet the Creator in His Creation." 

This tour features two and a half hours of action-packed fun with 7 ziplines, 2 sky bridges, a spiral staircase, and a rappel. Here's Dawn on an 800-foot-zip: the longest one on the tour. Buckle up and enjoy!

Woo hoo! It is just as exhilarating as it looks and sounds. The air rushing by and the loud zipping -- it's like you're unzipping the threshold between the trees and the sky. Practically speaking, the more you lean back, the farther and faster you'll zip. So, if you do as instructed, you naturally get a magnificent view of the treetops kissing the sky.

Speaking of instruction, we had two savvy and energetic guides take us through this experience: Moshe and Rachel.

The voice you hear at the end of Dawn's zip video is Moshe's. He's instructing her to do something called a "tacker backer." If you don't zip all the way to the next tree, you need to turn around and pull yourself the rest of way. Both of our guides were nimble and free in the trees, and they led us with great insight, confidence, and comedy!  

I highly recommend taking the Sonoma Canopy Eco Tour. It really does awaken the senses to the beauty and preciousness of the forest. Visit the Sonoma Canopy Tours site for more information about the tour; and while you're at it, check out the rest that Alliance Redwoods has to offer. 

For a poetic review of the experience, watch this video:

Let us know if you take the tour! Share your photos and stories!

**Special rate and helmet camera provided by Sonoma Canopy Tours

Also, we'd love for you to consider helping Alliance Redwoods and Sonoma Canopy Tours send a Sonoma County foster kid to camp! It's a life-changing week-long camp, They are looking for 1,000 donations of $50 or more, and the funds you donate will go towards covering food, lodging, and clothes. The donations are tax deductible, and you'll receive a special dessert at Union Hotel in Occidental. Visit here to donate and/or read more!


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