Encountering Music in the Shadian Mountains of Afghanistan by Nathan Rinear

Our friend Nathan, his wife, and son live in Afghanistan. They give support and leadership among a continuously refurbishing region via a myriad of means: ie. education, well digging, and leadership training. Nathan is the Country Director of ASET (Afghan Support Education & Training). We asked Nathan to write a guest post for us so he could share more of the loveliness of Afghanistan with our readership and the world. We hope you are engaged by his words and, as a result, see Afghanistan in new light - and with new music. 

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The sun was shining brightly like it always seems to do here, causing all the fresh spring grass to glisten. It looked like we were walking through the hills of Ireland, but we were not; we were standing in the Shadian Mountains outside of Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan.


In the midst of danger and war it was so refreshing and surreal to feel lost in a world of beauty and peace. As we got farther into the mountains we were drawn in by the ethereal sound of a wooden flute being carried along by the corridor of hills surrounding us. Slowly, but surely, one could hear the tabla, (a local Persian drum) being played. We continued on until we got to the crest of one of the hills. Below us you could see a circle of men sitting in the valley, some of them were singing songs and dancing. They quickly called to us to come down. For a period of time we entered a local’s world, through music. We chatted with them and enjoyed the creativity of the sounds of freedom in the very place battles were fought years before. It was enjoyable to relax and unwind in this country’s beauty, which is often forgotten, while witnessing the creativity of a people who often get overlooked.


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