New Year, New Blog Design, New Baby!

Well, hello!

It's the newest year we've had yet! 

I'm pregnant! We redesigned our blog! 

We're also quite off schedule with blog posts. I was incredibly sick for two months (Mono, Viral Hepatitis, daily puking). Moreover, we have not imported all our old posts into our new design yet! So, there are dozens of stories and posts not yet accessible. We are working to get those live soon. Plus, we're excited to resume our weekly Friday blog posts. Much has happened lately that we are keen to share. For example, we stayed in a train car in someone's backyard; went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; went to Miami, Florida; and attended a 5 day plant-based food festival, wherein Neel ran a 5k with his running hero, Rich Roll! 

Additionally, we've been mentioned by a number of websites and bloggers in articles and giveaways. We hope you've caught some of that action via our Instagram. 

In the next few months, we'll be exploring Jacksonville, Oregon; Placerville/Auburn/Cool in California; and San Francisco, California. Then, around May 30, we'll be exploring Parenthood, California! So, there is much beauty, discovery, adventure, and growth ahead! We're glad you are journeying with us! 

As you journey, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please link up with us on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Also, sprinkle your thoughts in our comments sections too! Since we redesigned the blog, old comments have been lost; and we are eager to get more community vibes happening 'round these parts! 

2016 is new, in many ways so are you. Each day brims with sunlight, hope, and potential. What are you dreaming of in 2016? What big life calling or stage are you stepping into? What travel dreams are you putting in motion? We'd like to hear! One of our main, pulsating, joyous desires is to champion your dreams, especially your travel dreams. Let's see wondrous fulfillment and flourishing happen in 2016, shall we?