You're in Northern California & You Want a Unique Hotel: Voila! The Greens Hotel!

Let's start with the pool...

You're likely getting the vibe of this place already. What do you think?

Yes, it's hip, colorful, and modern with a vintage heart. It's also eco-sensitive. And fabulous. 

The rooms are marked with letters. We were in "V," for "Victorious!" ;-)

There's a large pot in the courtyard! The whimsy made my spirit's dimples glimmer. The rooms have a groovy modern retro design. This provoked a desire to wear sunglasses, rapidly turn my head to the side, and smile demurely. The lobby is particularly pleasant, airy, and restful. I envisioned reading a design magazine here. (I'm currently reading the September edition of Architectural Digest.)  

So, what did we think of our stay?

Well, we've stayed a lot of places and we have a noted value for eco-friendly spots. Thus, we were really thrilled to stay at The Greens Hotel. Moreover, we love innovative designs and visionary renovations (HGTV shows are some of our inspiration go-tos). From the moment we pulled up to its austere, grand metal gate, we were impressed! 

Then, came Jon, the fantastically personable owner. 

See, we love people and their dreams. A substantial reason we're passionate about our business is because we want to champion people's dreams. We get to do that in three main ways: 1. Sharing amazing locales on our blog and therein facilitating our readers' travel dreams; 2. Selling goods in our shop which inspire people's travel dreams; 3. Meeting with businesses and business owners around the world; and being their advocates. 

Our visit to The Greens Hotel was rich in the last one. Jon is a noble and trustworthy business owner with chutzpah, commitment, and a love for people that is impactful and life-giving to the world. We talked with Jon for about 45 minutes upon arrival and enjoyed hearing about his journey and The Greens' journey. I asked if we could pray for him and his business, and he happily agreed. There in the charming lobby, we got to bless him and this distinctive hotel. It was special and powerful. He bought this hotel from its previous owner with a big-hearted vision to bring it to new levels of flourishing and to host people with intentionality. He is succeeding. 

The space drips with personality, functionality, and earth-hugs. Our room was soooooo cool! I loved the bright green walls, matched with bright red furniture on black and white carpet! The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was bright, and I cherished the potted succulents outside. There was a renewed sense of space and spaciousness, as I took in the minimalist simplicity of the exposed concrete structure which gave the outside an edgy frame of urban sensibilities. Born of our delight for The Greens Hotel, we wrote this poem entitled, "Green Space." 

green space poem

You can experience this forward thinking nostalgia too. The Greens Hotel is located in Sacramento, California, about an hour and a half northeast of San Francisco. You'll come in through this gate. Then, you'll see what we green... I mean MEAN. 

the greens hotel, sacramento

**Complimentary lodging provided by The Greens Hotel

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