Dawn's Interview about Iraq for a Thelma & Louise Podcast!

Let's change nations via hope, shall we?

dawn in iraq

Part of our core vision for this travel blog is to champion nations. Each time we write about a hotel, restaurant, tour, movie, play, comedy club, tour, or experience etc, we are championing a business - and therefore a city - and therefore a nation. This mode of advocacy is deeply important to us. Thus, it was particularly joyous to be interviewed for a podcast episode of thelmaandlouise.com

It is only 16 minutes long so, you can easily listen to it on your way to work, on a thoughtful walk around your neighborhood, or accompanied by a cup of pleasantly hot tea and a circle of curious, world-loving friends. 

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with your friends. It really does mean a lot to us, as we ardently believe that HOPE can change the world. Thank you. 

Podcast 41: Co-musing with Dawn about travel and Hopes for Iraq