An On-water Oasis to Soothe the Soul: All Aboard the Delta King Riverboat Hotel!

Our stay on the Delta King was made possible by a family who transformed this into this:

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Delta King

And check out this stunning view: 

The Coyne family's restorative teamwork and strategy perched the Delta King in a prime spot in Old Sacramento, a 28-acre National Historic Landmark District. I encourage you to read more on how the Coyne family found the Delta King and brought it into its current state of glory. It's a beautiful story of vision, discovery, and transformative entrepreneurial-ship (pun intended). 

Now onto our stay...

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That's right! We stayed on the 5th deck of the Delta King in the River View Stateroom, and right outside our room, the Sacramento River moved with an electric, yet soothing current. River-goers raced by in speed boats, pontoons, and other small vessels; and we enjoyed the peacefulness of our perch.

Those words, electric and soothing, aptly describe the sense of staying on the Delta King. It's electric in its throwback decor; its captivating amenities - casual and fine dining, entertainment, 2 professional theaters, a wine school; and its placement alongside aforementioned Old Sacramento.  And who doesn't love awakening to the soothing and refreshing sound of the river breeze? For me, it was especially relaxing, as I had just concluded a 2-day chiropractic seminar for my continuing education credits the day (Sunday) we checked into the Delta King. Combine the picturesque location, the getaway atmosphere of the river boat, and the history of the Delta King (some of which I learned after our stay), and It all adds up to a truly transporting experience. 

As mentioned in the video, the Delta King once commuted between Sacramento and San Francisco, and though it would have been spectacular to have traversed the Sacramento River Delta on this iconic boat, it's not difficult to tap into the history while exploring the various parts of the boat. For those not so keen on rocking the boat, fret not: the Delta King is docked and stable. 

 A close-up view of the Delta King's maraschino-cherry red churning wheel paddle against the backdrop of Old Sacramento (left) and Tower Bridge:

delta king's churning wheel

To memorialize our stay on the Delta King, we co-wrote this poem:

We love this dream-built and dream-inspiring boat. You can have your own electric and soothing experience on the Delta King. It's located in Old Sacramento, near Sacramento's vibrant downtown area -- just an hour and a half northeast of San Francisco.

If you're just in the area for a day trip, venture through Old Sacramento and enjoy a meal aboard one of the Delta King's two restaurants: the award-winning Pilothouse and the Delta Bar & Grill

**Complimentary lodging provided by the Delta King

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