Teach World Religions, Stay in Zen Suite: Cosmopolitan Hotel, Toronto REVIEW ✸✸✸ (3 STARS)


One of the plethora of unique parallels between my wonderful husband and I is our appreciation for studying World Religions. I teach World Religions at a university and my husband once taught such a class at a church in Illinois. Moreover, I lived in a mostly Muslim context for three years and his parents grew up in a Hindu, Sikh, and Jain context. Thus, prior to Neel’s transformative encounter with Jesus in 2008, his belief system was a stew of many different ideologies. Moreover, he once surprised me with an excursion to a Chinese Temple in a city near ours. It was lovely. So, yes, one could say a suite bearing the word “Zen” on it pretty much has our name on it. Instead of the Bulchandanis, you could call us the BulchZENdanis! Ah, but I digress.

We found the Zen Suite in The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Toronto. It lived up to its name: live bamboo smiling happily at us, a small waterfall in the room, and an overall zen-like interior. The hotel itself, beyond our room, was more smoky and unseemly than anticipated, but we like adventure; and it was fine. Plus, there’s a neon-lit bar on the first floor that adds to that vibe. Having said that, we liked the place. One advantage was that it was centrally located. We were in town about 24 hours so, it was really enjoyable to be able to walk the downtown area so easily. We found lunch at a charming organic place in a large mall nearby and generally enjoyed ambling around Toronto. The hotel staff was helpful; and when it was time to head to the airport, they smoothly had a cab ready for us. Overall, we’d recommend it – particularly for a short stay like that. It’s positively CosmopoliZEN!

And if you want a reminder of the meaning of “zen” here it is: