Hornblower Celebrates Love with the Big Love Ball


September 10, 2015

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – Love is in the air and on the water at Hornblower Niagara Cruises as the iconic Canadian tour boats welcome Big Love Ball.


The Big Love Ball, heading to various Hornblower ports across North America, began its journey in Niagara Falls this week. Big Love Ball is a giant love note with a heart, a brain and social conscience that has travelled the world celebrating love in all ways. 


"It is our little way to celebrate love - and the various ways it is celebrated everyday by different people in distinct ways," said Mory DiMaurizio, General Manager of Hornblower Niagara Cruises. “At Hornblower Niagara Cruises we’ve had more than 40 couples get married on our boats this summer and Big Love Ball is an amazing movement that gives us a nice reminder about feeling the love.”


Big Love Ball will be making appearances aboard various Hornblower vessels and yachts across North America, turning them into #theloveboat when it is onboard. Created by Vancouver designer, Wendy Williams Watt, the original ball was placed in her studio window to beckon the open hearts of those who walked by. Big Love Ball soon became an invited guest to weddings, celebrations and anywhere people feel the love.


Recently, Big Love Ball was onboard the Niagara Wonder and Niagara Thunder in Niagara Falls, Canada, on Monday September 7th and again on Wednesday September 9th before heading to HornblowerCruises & Events in New York City. 


In addition to Hornblower Cruises & Events and Statue Cruises in New York City, Big Love Ball is scheduled to appear at Hornblower’s other locations such as San Francisco’s Alcatraz Cruises, San Diego and Newport.


Below is the full schedule of Big Love Ball appearances at Hornblower locations across North America.


Sept. 10 - Hornblower Los Angeles

Sept. 19 - Hornblower New York

Sept. 21 - Hornblower San Diego

Oct. 1 - Hornblower Newport Beach

Oct. 18 - Hornblower San Diego

Oct. 24 - Hornblower San Francisco

Oct. 30 – Hornblower San Diego


Follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #theloveboat and #hornblower.


For images of Big Love Ball’s visit to Niagara Falls, please visit https://flic.kr/s/aHskjNGPM3.


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