A Calm SPA-t: Chaminade Resort & Spa: Santa Cruz, California: Review

In 1761, in France a boy was born: William Joseph Chaminade. He later became a Roman Catholic priest and founded the Society of Mary (Marianists). He aimed to create a more adept educational system in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Some say he was a revolutionary. 

Leap from 1700's France to 1929 in the hills of Santa Cruz, California. In those hills, Marianist brothers founded Chaminade Boys High School, starting classes in 1930. Eventually, the site became a retreat center for the church. And in 1979, the site was purchased by a small group of investors from the San Francisco Bay Area. The site became a resort, with its opening day happening on May 5, 1985. Thus, this post is appearing on the 30th anniversary of Chaminade's opening! (Happy anniversary, sweet Chaminade!) 

Now, Chaminade Resort and Spa is a beatific respite for travelers. Yet, it still reaches through history and connects with its past: maintaining a mission-style architecture and using the main building which was once Chaminade Catholic boys school as Chaminade’s Restaurants and Conference Space.

Come and see... 

The forest windows...

The 200 acres of private Redwood and Eucalyptus forest with over 3 miles of hiking trails...

The snazzy and creative design elements...  

or the four lighted tennis courts

volleyball and croquet,

resort pool and hot tub,

and, of course, 

the spa.

During our stay at Chaminade, we found wide and kind respite in those green, foresty hills. We felt tucked in, nestled into a picture frame of gorgeous trees and fresh possibilities. From that place of gentle sighs and brighter eyes, we wrote the following poem for sweet Chaminade

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