Romantic Entrancement: Dar Habiba, Marrakech, Morocco ✸✸✸✸ (4 STARS)

I stepped out of bed, my feet hit the cold tile and quickly scampered to the slightly scratchy Moroccan floor rug. It was light out. Palm trees were already singing their morning memories and the tranquil plunge pool was meditating on the stars it reflected through the night. 

My heart giggled its Moroccan-spiced laugh; and delight shot from my eyes toward the not yet seen blue sky. In moments a sweatshirt would be on and we'd be calmly, but ecstatically enjoying our Moroccan breakfast in the open courtyard. Those moments, for me, zing through time - forward to a future where I know this city thoroughly, and backward to the little girl I once was, dreaming of Morocco from a house in Fresno, California. 

We were in Marrakech, Morocco - one of my favorite cities in the world. And we were staying at the lovely Dar Habiba. Dar Habiba is a classic Moroccan riad - a square or rectangular building of two stories with an open courtyard housing a pool, fountain, or garden within. The windows face inside and the architecture is quixotically Moroccan. 

Dar Habiba did a fantastic job of being hospitable while giving us our space. Breakfast was served whenever we specified and Saed, the on-site manager, was very helpful with directing us toward where we wanted to go and giving us great insight into Moroccan life and culture. 

We had a really splendid stay, despite the fact that the shower in our first room did not drain properly our first night so, we had to shift rooms. Saed helped us navigate that smoothly and we were pleased with our second room too. As with each lodging review we do, we wrote a poem for Dar Habiba and gave it to them. Here is that poem...

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