Happy co-inspiration Day! A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello comuse-rs. In honor of a special day in our history, I would like to say:

Happy co-inspiration Day! 

For me, the arrival of the new year invites reflection, anticipation, and celebration. In the past, I have also greatly associated it with inspiration. In the last 3 years, however, I have realized that January 2nd has become the marker of my new year's inspiration. Why?

Three years ago, on January 2nd, 2011, I read Dawn's blog for the very first time. A screenshot below of my comment on one of her posts:

I recall how I felt as I wrote that comment -- fascinated, energized, and inspired. I had just read a year's worth of Dawn's blog posts, and I was filled to the brim with excitement about writing, traveling, and pursuing dreams.

Dawn's response to my comment:

She was inspired, and she thanked me for sharing.

Prior to those January blog-conversations we had only actually shared two in-person conversations. We were, at that time, still nearly 3 months pre-relationship. We both lived in different parts of the same city with our own lives. Fast forward to today where we, as husband and wife, have the joy of writing together in our home office onour blog that's part of our online retail store. 

That's co-inspiration. And if you're not already catching on, comuse-rs, that's the essence of comuse

We love the topic of inspiration, especially as it pertains to travel; and we want to inspire you to travel into this new year, making it the best year of your life thus far. Share that inspiration with your friends, family, and passersby -- via hugs, words, text messages, emails, letters, or even on the blog forum -- and let them know how you feel. You'll likely receive inspiration beyond your wildest dreams. 

I know I did.