Where airport feet find rest... XpresSpa REVIEW

Well HELLO, comuse-rs! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

As 2015 gleams with opportunities, dreams, travel plans, and fresh vision, we are starting off the year with a wellness focus! And we'd love for you to journey with us!

The first drop in the wellness bucket is more of a spa-p. (Get it?)

It was nearly ten years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts for graduate school, that I first discovered XpresSpa. Fittingly, they began in 2003 in the JFK airport. (I must have discovered them soon thereafter.) I thought it was a brilliant business idea: in a place where people are often waiting, weary, and wanting true relaxation - offer spa services! Brilliant! So, over the years I've had a few shoulder and neck massages, a manicure, and now a pedicure. 

This time it was upon our return from Morocco in August. We arrived at our final airport, SFO, and I was able to sit and savor the golden moments of our trip as my feet got refreshed after two days of journeying. I topped off my Xpres Pedicure ($45) with a shoulder and neck massage (15 min for $35) in one of their handy-dandy chairs. It was really glorious! 

XpresSpa is intentional about transforming the airport environment into a haven of rejuvenation, which I am very grateful for. The full-service spa decreases travel tire with signature treatments such as the Stress & Tension Eliminator, the aforementioned Neck & Back Massages and Foot Massage. They also offer gift cards! (Smart gifts for travelers!)

And heads-up! The newest addition to XpresSpa’s extensive treatment menu are the ingenious  POD’s, deliveringPampering On Demand to guests shortly after they step into the airport with express treatments available at the gate! Isn't that luxurious and smart?! 

For more information about XpresSpa visit www.xpresspa.com. For a full list of locations, visitwww.xpresspa.com/spas

Now, keep traveling! 

 * Services provided by XpresSpa   

* Services provided by XpresSpa