3 Products to Help You Stay Healthy while Traveling

People often ask me for tips about how to stay healthy while traveling. Sometimes, it is challenging: plane rides; jet lag; skimpy sleep; unfamiliar beds; changes in food; murky water; and the tire of spending hours trying to figure out currency, transportation, and so forth.

However, it is possible to travel and stay well, strong, and energized. Here are some precepts of healthy travel along with products my husband and I have found fabulously helpful. We’ve tried a number of different things, but these are our favorites. Please like, comment, and share this post. We want to champion healthy travelers!

1. Hydrate.

Drink a lot of water. (Granted, do not up your water intake drastically, unless you are in a very hot climate. You could wash electrolytes out of your body!) Wonderfully, many airports have filtered water fountains specifically for filling water bottles. Seek them out! In addition to this, my husband is resolute about bringing me glasses of water at restaurants, cafes, homes, etc. Still, we always travel with electrolyte packets, like these by Trace Minerals. (You may also like these by Nuun.)

2. Nourish.

Eat healthfully. It’s easy to luxuriate in the vacation of travel and eat differently. That’s okay. Make sure you stay balanced though. With the duress of travel plus lack of nutrition, one’s body can suddenly manifest a cold etc. This need not be! Want an easy immune boost? Take along a lightweight, nutrition rich drink mix. We keep Emerald Balance in stock for regular usage, and it comes on trips too.

3. Rest.

When in the spin and light of cities; and new discoveries, minimizing sleep often happens. Attempt to keep a regular sleep schedule while in a different environment. Want an additional calming agent? Try adding a gentle scent to your sleep routine. I really appreciate the Aura Cacia brand. It incorporates essential oils and there are no synthetic preservatives colors or fragrances.You can choose a mist or an oil. A mist may work well in your hotel room, but the oil will be conducive to air travel etc. (Your neighbor may not be as keen on the scent as you are.)

So, there you go! You can spend about $50, keep these items on hand, and be better prepared to thrive on your next journey! Then, you can better absorb the patter of a carriage on a Marrakech street, the chime of a gong in a Chinese temple, or the calm stillness of a creekside in Belize.

Live well! Travel well!

And again, we’d love for you to share this link far and wide! Let’s travel WELL!