Time-Peace Watch : Product Review AND 18% off code!

  I cherish the awareness of being present.   

I cherish the awareness of being present.


Sometimes, in a moment, one can loosen one’s urgency of the task at hand and step back… and more sweetly see the preciousness of NOW. It’s an ecstatic reminder of the transcendence of connectivity, the significance of life, and it increases gratitude for the present.

What if you had a watch that prompted such a reminder?

Well, I do. It’s made by a company called Time-Peace; and it’s incredible. It’s really a novel, profound, and brilliant idea come to life. One must tap the watch twice to see the time. So, you don’t see the time merely by looking at the watch, you must more pointedly want to know the time. It’s great! We often find ourselves checking the time more out of habit or impatience than true need.

This new watch-friend recently spent two weeks in Morocco with us. We truly enjoyed its company.

My husband wears it too! It’s so rad. Seriously.

Even the local, ancient lion statues enjoyed it!

 Lions without Time-Peace.   

Lions without Time-Peace.


 Lion with Time-Peace.   

Lion with Time-Peace.


In addition to its smartness. It is beautiful and artistically divine. From the right brain to the left numerals, from the upside-down peace sign to the tree it is a part of, this watch is a stunning piece. In fact, a couple of people in Morocco said those very words as they commented on it. We agree.

Right now, you can get this watch for you or a friend (or a few friends) for 18% off! In fact, the following promo code is good for 18% off anything on the Time-Peace site.

The promo code?


So, go ahead. Get one today. 

It’s about time.

Or is it?

** Watch provided by Time-Peace

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