Paper Plane Earrings: Product Review (5% promo code AND $5 off)

I like flying. Literally and metaphorically. One leaves the ground, the norm, the usual, the black-and-white… and SOARS… gliding over perceived obstacles, old structures, and out-dated ideas. The hope of destiny fuels the ascent and the delight of discovery increases with the altitude.

These earrings remind me of that.

Origami Paper Plane Earrings, Sterling Silver

Not only that, but these earrings are made in Israel, where I lived for three years; and thus took many-a-plane to-and-fro. This time, however, Israel came to me. The wonderful Liat Waldman of Liat Waldman Jewelry makes these earrings, which are available in 14k gold too. She also makes a host of other beautiful earrings.

Recently, these cute and smart earrings came with us to Bend, Oregon where they enjoyed the great coffee atChow Cafe.

Airplane earrings hovering at Chow Cafe (right next to my sterling silver moon earrings)

So, if refined whimsy makes your heart soar, get these earrings! If you love travel, just seeing them in your jewelry box brings an inward smile (it does me). If you have a friend who loves travel or is soon headed to a new adventure, get them for her! Right now you can get 5% off by using the promo code “comuse” in Liat’s store. Additionally, you can get $5 off any first-time Etsy purchase using this link.

Keep flying upward. Your dreams matter. You are bound for high heights. Fly on.

** Earrings provided by Liat Waldman of Liat Waldman Jewelry

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