From the Red Sea to the San Francisco Bay: Splashtacular Sunset Duck Tour Review ✸✸✸✸✸ 5 Stars

Suad claps along

It isn’t everyday that one’s sister’s mother-in-law comes to America for the first time from Jordan.

Days into her visit, my husband and I drove down to San Francisco to meet up with her, my sister, and my sister’s husband. Since this was her first time in San Fran, we wanted it to be glorious. My brother-in-law envisioned some time on the water around sunset; and hence, I discovered THE DUCK TOUR!

Having lived near Boston, Massachusetts for four years, I was familiar with the notion of a duck tour because they were part of the regular backdrop of a day in Boston. I had always been intrigued by them. It seemed like a peculiar and fantastic way to see a city; and, indeed, it is.

My sister and the glistening Bay Bridge

The duck boats are great because they give their passengers a view from high above the ground, which is lovely. For me, though I’ve spent many, many days in San Francisco over the course of my life, this was unique because of the new vantage point. Moreover, our tour guide, Captain John, was witty, kind, genuine, and vividly entertaining. The facts he shared about the  city and its landmarks were fascinating, but his delivery was what made it most likable.

We all laughed a great deal. It was hilarious. I love the mental image of my sister’s mother-in-law gazing out across the San Francisco Bay in the very front seat of the duck boat, happily floating on the water. She deeply enjoyed the tour. We all did. It was joyous: from quacking our “quackers,” which are a sort of toy mouthpiece that one blows to create a duck sound, to bouncing the odd tiki faces on sticks up and down to amuse innocent (and sometimes previously consternating) bystanders, it was fabulous.

  Us & Suad on the duck boat   
Us & Suad on the duck boat
  Quacking up    
Quacking up



I absolutely recommend the Splashtacular Sunset Duck Tour. By the way, it does get quite chilly at time, dress accordingly.

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