The Utility of a Second Passport

“Yeah, but you can’t get in ___________ with an Israel stamp!”
“Well, and you can’t get in Israel with a stamp from ___________!”

I lived in Israel and Palestine for three years. I heard this dialogue often. People would become fixated on the caveats to entrances to and from nations, yet there is a relatively easy solution:
get a second passport.

For an American, this is pretty straightforward. I once got a second passport at the American Consulate in Jerusalem in order to travel to Syria and Lebanon (a trip I didn’t end up making). A second passport is typically good for a year. Thus, you will need to get another if needed again. Still, it’s a great option for those who anticipate border-crossing woes of this kind.

Here are the nations that may prohibit one from entering due to a passport stamp from Israel, in particular:

Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Iran


If you’d like to read the US Department of State’s PDF on second passports, here it is.
And here is the place to begin the application process.

Happy journeying!