Travel Helps You Unravel (in a good way) – Pinterest Board

Once upon thirty times, I’ve set my feet in a new nation. All of them entranced me. Each one beckoned my soul to discover another level of wonder, majesty, and truth. A first glance of a city is a single sentence: in a moment there’s an assessment, an intrigue, and a memory. It’s her straight streets or her red-dirt buildings, the shopkeepers stirring or the kids calling out in their language. It’s so sweet. Those first moments, so sweet.

In a new place is a new perspective – for you – if you will welcome it. It’s something at least, that is different from any prior experience that it prods you to think again about an old knowing. Moreover, like a leaf falling from a tree as winter begs toward rest, the old self is drifting down… to gone. The newer self is looking higher, seeing clearer, knowing more (and less) than ever.

Travel helps you unravel (in a good way). 

One of my deepest life desires is to travel and be an advocate for places and people. It is more than the new sights, it’s discovering the song of a place, the unique strengths of a people, and with the grace and yet, innocence of a non-native, gazing into the soul of a place and seeing its beauty. I want to champion nations; and I want to champion others to champion nations.

So, next time you travel, look deeper than the surface. Look into the eyes of the nation, recognize and note its unique strength and gifting, and celebrate those.

Happy unravelling!

Here is my Pinterest board to use as a visual soundtrack.