Regal, Indeed: Hotel Majestic, San Francisco, CA Review ✸✸✸✸ (4 Stars)

My husband once owned a chiropractic clinic named, “Majestic Chiropractic.” On these wings of inspiration, I choose to book our stay at The Majestic Hotel in San Francisco. It was a great choice. The place bears a nostalgic elegance that trims the soul in better posture, and maybe even better pronunciation. It feels delightfully proper, but calmly comfortable. The Majestic is also one of San Francisco’s longest running hotels. One feels the discolored pages of novels, then newly read, and the thoughts of parasol-ed women and hatted me who also found lodging in this charming boutique hotel.

Additionally, the hotel is honored in the Select Registry™ of the Distinguished Inns of North America; and received a Certification of Recognition for Architectural Preservation and Restoration by the California Heritage Council. It’s the real deal. So, if you’re looking for a hotel to feel a bit romantic, a bit nostalgic, a bit contemplative in, we recommend the Majestic. And if you go, let us know how your stay was. :-)