Gazing at a River in Baghdad: Lebanese Family Club Restaurant, Baghdad, Iraq – Review ✸✸✸✸ 4 Stars


“Along the banks of the Tigris River…”


I’d love to have a house with that address one day.

Awwww… the Tigris and the Euphrates, that ancient pair of river-sisters who dwell in romantic, old images of Baghdad as well as modern maps of the Middle East. When I teach Bible at a university, I get to familiarize my students with the location of these rivers. It is as if they are my relatives, there on the projector screen smiling as they are again discovered by a new group of people.

And so, one can imagine that to have a restaurant which backs up to the Tigris River is quite fantastic! This is much of what makes the Lebanese Family Club distinctive and appealing. Within the restaurant, there is a wide range of comfortable seating, mostly laid out so that one can still see the Tigris beyond the back wall of windows. Then, there is the outdoor seating: a terrace of sorts with dozens and dozens of chairs. In fact, many weddings and other large events make use of this fabulous space.

To the food: it is superior to the average Middle Eastern meal, but not wonderful. Yet, the ambiance, polite and assertive service, and overall refined and friendly nature of the restaurant make up for that. As a whole, it’s an amazing restaurant. Moreover, it is a flagship of hope for the city of Baghdad – a sign of possibility, strength, dignity, enterprise, and the suburb Middle Eastern skill of hosting with the utmost kindness.

If your feet land in Baghdad, I recommend they find their way to the Lebanese Family Club.

 Dawn, Nere, Tigris River on the patio of the Lebanese Family Club   

Dawn, Nere, Tigris River on the patio of the Lebanese Family Club