This Necklace Scent Me Packing – Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

 The Grow Necklace by Yellow Reformation   

The Grow Necklace by Yellow Reformation


Scents take you places. Some geographical, others spiritual.

You go to Istanbul, you go to peace. It’s lovely.

Being married to a man who creates a unique fragrance blend of essential oils for me each anniversary, I have a particular affinity for the power and story a fragrance carries with it. Plus, there are a myriad of health benefits. My husband regularly wears either a cedarwood essential oil or a blend of frankincense, myrrh, and galbinum essential oils. These oils are known to be therapeutic, healing, strengthening, and revitalizing the immune system. They add life to life.

So, when I heard about Dawn Verhey’s Yellow Reformation line of jewelry with clay essential oil diffusers built into them, I was elated! What a brilliant idea! Moreover, as someone who travels a lot and writes about travel, I immediately recognized the utility of such a creation as a calming tool while traveling. One could select an essential oil like lavender to diffuse jet lag or an awakening oil like peppermint to energize before hitting the streets in a new city. I imagined friends of mine who have anxiety about flying using such a necklace as a gentle way to relax once aboard a plane. All one needs to do is lift the diffuser to one’s nose and inhale the beckoning to peace. Plus, the necklaces come with great, meditative words on them like “be,” “hope,” and, like mine, “grow.” It’s an intentional reminder of how stewarding one’s wellbeing both physically and psychologically is a key to growth etc.

I love the poignancy herein and realized this is something more people should know about – hence, this review. :)

So, a few drops of an essential oil or other fragrance in the morning and you are equipped to fragrantly float through your day. It’s the right measure of noticeable to me, but not tapping other people on the shoulder each time I walk past them. And if you want to more intently engage with the scent, you can simply lift the diffuser to one’s happy little nostrils and breathe in. It’s very wondrous. I adore mine.

 A little Istanbul, a little neck love   

A little Istanbul, a little neck love


If you are interested in the wonder of these amazing pieces, check out Yellow Reformation! There are also earrings and rings! I think these creations make unique and powerful Christmas gifts as well!

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