Destination Scarf by Moorea Seal

I’d love to own nearly anything with the motif of a flight board.
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Flight boards are a place of convergence, community, and a stellar reminder of our global connectedness. They are a veritable town square of the who’s and what’s of travel.  It feels like, “I’m Dawn. I’m in Hong Kong, on my way to Chengdu, China. There’s a guy going to Bangalore at 12:21. There’s a whole plane of people going, in fact. How wonderful! BANGALORE! I wonder why they’re going? Are they from there, returning home? Are they visiting? Have they ever been to Bangalore?”

Then, I start thinking: “How are they feeling as they go? Are they peaceful, tired, dreamy, or eager?” I wonder what they’ll do upon landing. I wonder where they came from, what they do “back home,” and what makes them tick. I wonder about whether they will love the city they are headed to because its personality is like theirs or because it is not. I wonder what they will think about when they find themselves leaving Bangalore eventually. I wonder what they will reminisce about, what will make them laugh, and what will bring poignant tears of love to their eyes.

I wonder. Flight boards cause me to wonder. 

So, when I discovered Moore Seal’s destination scarf, I internally cartwheeled. I was so excited!!!!! Oh to wear all that wonderment, possibility, and world-awareness!

I ended up wearing it to a car show in Orcutt, California, which seemed fitting because cars represent travel as well. It was a particular joy-grower when we came upon an old roadster with an “Italia” license plate and a piece of luggage affixed to the back.

All in all, a wonderful, whimsical, wander-ful accessory. If you like it, you may also like other similarly inspiring items by Moorea Seal. 

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Meanwhile, let the next flight board be a pantry of supplies for your imagination’s own flights!